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#CT-3010 Lang Ge Sex medicine

#CT-3010 Lang Ge Sex medicine
Properties Sex Products
Type sex capsu;le
Model Number CT-3010
Payment Terms: T/T,Western Union

Detailed Product Description

Sex Medicine:

U.S.A LANG GE sex medicine(sexual stimulant, sex products)

15 Minutes In Operation Persist 100 Hours

It is top quality, instant and strong, one tablet will bring you extreme excitement
Just take one bill and it gives you endless happiness as a man

Lang ge condensed and refined with modern high-tech

It is aperfect product with great effectiveness on impotence premature ejaculation. erection

ability and duration it can stir up human sexual desire and bring to a climax

Lang ge made in America and with top quality is a quick and natural way to accelarate man's size variety.

It will satisfy your sexual desire and give you infinite surprise and pleasure

The product has been a symbol of high quality used by American adults ! Over past 30 years , the USA has been a leading industrial country

with the help of modern technology this product of the craftsman and make of superior material contributes a lot to the pleasure seeking adults Whenever you want to have fun ,this will be your top choice

It is embarrassing to be a man with either sexual disability or erection ob stacle

It is embarassing to be a man with either sexual disability or erection ob stacle
According to the research and study , a lot of sex cmpanions dexlare that the size of sexual organs is not of their concern in their sexual intercourse .However ,a lot of en still take it as a major factor in the measurement of their sen sory value and sex ability as a man

[Specification]: 4 capsules.

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Payment Terms: T/T,Western Union

[Specification]:4 capsules.


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